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iOS 16 was all about personalization: What will iOS 17 bring? Here is our wishlist [Video]

iOS 16 seemed to be all about personalization, bringing a more customized user experience and collaboration. Apple introduced new features like the customizable Lock Screen, which brought new widgets. They also brought Live Activities and iMessage enhancements like undo send and editing an already sent message. Freeform, the new collaboration app, was introduced as well as a new digital whiteboard to collaborate in real time with other colleagues or students in your class. Even though these were great additions, there are still some features that we want to see in iOS 17 to further improve our iPhone experience. Here is our iOS 17 wishlist!

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This concept visualizes what iOS 17 could look like, with a focus on refinement

iOS 16 was released back in September of 2022. It brought plenty of visual changes to the iPhone and also changed how we interact with it, especially the lock screen. This update was all about personalization and customization. It brought features like lock screen customizations, widgets, the ability to edit & undo messages, and much more. So what could Apple possibly have in store for iOS 17? Parker Ortolani is back at it again with some new concepts and renders of what the future of iOS could look like, and it seems like refinement is the name of the game.

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iOS 17 feature request: New customization options for the App Library

iOS 17 features

The App Library was added to the iPhone’s Home Screen as part of iOS 14’s release. The feature gives users a way to move apps off their Home Screen but keep them on their device, something that wasn’t possible before. The App Library was a big change for the iPhone at the time, but Apple hasn’t made any further changes since then

With iOS 17 this year, I hope Apple decides to expand on the App Library with a few additional customization options.

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iOS 17 development in full swing, but don’t pay attention to this bogus rumor

iOS 17 new features

Right on cue, Apple is ramping up development of iOS 17 and its other new updates coming this year. Apple has pushed updates to some of its open-source documentation referencing iOS 17, while the software version is also increasingly popping up in 9to5Mac’s analytics.

On the flip side, there’s a bogus rumor making the rounds that claims to offer details on what’s new in iOS 17…

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