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Chance is the editor-in-chief of 9to5Mac, helping oversee and manage coverage for the entire staff of 9to5Mac writers. He first joined 9to5Mac in 2013 and has published daily coverage of Apple and related topics since then. 

Over the years, Chance has worked alongside his 9to5Mac colleagues to publish industry-leading stories about Apple. In the spring of 2020, Chance and the 9to5Mac team exclusively reported a variety of upcoming iOS 14 features prior to the official announcement from Apple. 

In addition to serving as Lead Editor of 9to5Mac, Chance is also the host of the 9to5Mac Daily podcast. Published five days per week, 9to5Mac Daily is a recap of the day’s Apple news in 5-10 minutes. You can subscribe to 9to5Mac Daily on Apple Podcasts, Overcast or via the dedicated RSS feed right here

Chance is also a guest host on the 9to5Mac Happy Hour podcast with Benjamin Mayo and Zac Hall.

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An AirTag allegedly helped the DEA pull off a drug bust, but is that supposed to work?

Find AirTags with low batteries

Apple’s AirTag item trackers have apparently caught the attention of the United States Drug Enforcement Agency. According to a new report from Forbes, the DEA recently used an AirTag to track the movements of a pill press machine, after it was intercepted by border agents.

According to the report, which is based on a search warrant obtained by Forbes, the pill press machine was inside one of two packages from Shanghai, China that border agents intercepted last May. Those border agents called in the DEA, believing the packages were “destined for an illegal narcotics manufacturer.”

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FTC proposes new ‘Click to Cancel’ requirements for managing subscriptions

Cancel subscriptions on iPhone

The Federal Trade Commission in the United States has proposed a handful of changes that it says will make it easier for consumers to cancel recurring subscriptions and memberships. The FTC believes that its “Click to Cancel” provisions “would go a long way to rescuing consumers from seemingly never-ending struggles to cancel unwanted subscription payment plans.”

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When will Apple release iOS 16.4 to everyone?

iOS 16.4 beta

Apple is currently beta testing iOS 16.4, and it includes a number of new features and changes for iPhone users. Head below as we recap all of those new features, and speculate on when iOS 16.4 will be released to everyone…

Update March 21, 2023: The iOS 16.4 “Release Candidate” is now available to developers and public beta users. This lines up with our expectation of a release to everyone next week, likely on March 28. More details below.

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iOS 16.4 allows health authorities to end their support for Apple’s COVID-19 Exposure Notifications feature

Back in 2020, Apple and Google teamed up to launch the Exposure Notifications API for COVID-19 contact tracing. The feature aimed to alert you to potential COVID-19 exposures, allowing you to get a test and isolate yourself if necessary.

Three years later, Apple is now giving health agencies the ability to sunset their adoption of the Exposure Notifications API.

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Apple granted patent for Apple Watch NFC tech that could warn users of ‘unauthorized’ bands

Hourly chimes on Apple Watch

Apple is continuing to research new technology and accessories for the Apple Watch. Earlier this year, a patent revealed technology that could power a color-changing Apple Watch band. Now, the US Patent and Trademark Office has granted Apple a patent for an Apple Watch band with an integrated NFC module … that could be used for good or bad.

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Apple pushes for labor reform in India, wants ‘working hours, flexibility on par with China’

Apple India

Earlier this month, a report revealed that Apple and Foxconn had successfully lobbied for more relaxed labor laws in the Indian state of Karnataka.

The companies, however, aren’t stopping there, as Bloomberg now reports that Apple and its supply chain partners are now pushing for labor reform in India’s southern state of Tamil Nadu.

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Microsoft planning to offer its own Xbox app store on iPhone as soon as next year

Microsoft is already hard at work preparing for a world in which Apple is forced to allow third-party app stores on iPhone. In an interview with the Financial Times, Microsoft Gaming head Phil Spencer said that the company wants to be “in a position to offer Xbox and content from both us and our third-party partners across any screen where somebody would want to play.”

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