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Here’s how to watch March Madness 2023 on iPhone, Apple TV, and web [U: Sweet 16]

How to watch March Madness 2023 iPhone

Like last year, the 2023 NCAA tournament is being broadcast across multiple networks. Fortunately, you can stream all the games from one place with the NCAA’s app as well as a few other options. Follow along for how to watch March Madness 2023 on iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, the web, plus the full schedule, and more.

Update: The Sweet 16 kicks off tonight, March 23.

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Hands-on: Fitness Stats 2 adds custom averages, comparisons, and more to lifetime activity totals

Fitness Stats 2

Fitness Stats originally launched in 2020 as a simple and handy way to see your lifetime activity details across 12 categories including exercise time, calories, steps, cycling, running, walking, and swimming workouts (now that’s over 20). Today the app has received a major update with a new way to compare your activity based on custom time periods, see averages across days, weeks, months, and years, additional stats, custom sharing, and more.

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Apple Watch Series 8 vs Series 7 and earlier: What’s the best choice?

Apple Watch Series 8 vs 7 guide

The current Apple Watch lineup features three distinct wearables. While much remains the same between Series 8 and previous models, there are some differences worth considering. Read on for Apple Watch Series 8 vs 7 and earlier to help decide what’s the best pick for you or someone you’re shopping for.

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Review: Tesla x FreePower gen 2 deliver Apple’s AirPower dream for any Qi device

Tesla Wireless Charger FreePo review

Back in December Tesla announced its Wireless Charging Platform that’s powered by FreePower’s latest “place anywhere” Qi system. Now orders are shipping to the first customers and we’ve been able to test out the premium multi-device charger that delivers on Apple’s free position AirPower dream.

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watchGPT skirts App Store review with ‘Petey’ rebrand, upgraded with GPT-4

Petey GPT Apple Watch app AI

An Apple Watch ChatGPT client originally called watchGPT jumped to the top of Apple’s App Store earlier this month, offering a slick AI experience right on your wrist. However, after Apple cracked down on “GPT” being in app names, the app had to pivot. Now ‘Petey’ the AI Assistant is available for Apple Watch with GPT-4 support, new quick prompts, and more.

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H2O Audio waterproof headphones multi-sport

H2O Audio waterproof headphones work with Apple Watch and iPhone (or without)

Following up after launching its TRI Headphones last fall, H20 Audio is out with its new lineup of pro waterproof headphones that are aimed at multi-sport athletes. While they work great with Apple Watch and iPhone, you can also use the new PLAYLIST+ feature to wirelessly load content directly to the three new models of PRO headphones.

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Microsoft Edge and Bing team up with DALL·E to deliver text-based image creation

microsoft super app iphone

Microsoft has taken the next step in its plan to evolve its Bing search engine and Edge browser with the latest artificial intelligence has to offer. After integrating OpenAI’s ChatGPT last month, “Bing Image Creator” has arrived on iOS/Android and desktop powered by an “advanced version” of OpenAI’s DALL·E to create an image with just words.

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